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GPI Ministries thanks you for becoming one of our loyal listeners. GPI Radio focuses on unsigned artists, Worship and the Word. Our hope is that you enjoy yourself as you listen in.

We are always looking for new artists, ministries that need a voice, if you know of any get them in touch with us. We will bring them into the GPI family of artists.



Pastor Dave


GPI Ministries has come out of GPI CONCERTS in Arlington, TX. In it's day GPI reached thousands of young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ thru concerts. Music has always been at the heart of GPI and will continue to be so until Christ returns. Big Dave, Rich Speakman and Damon "Seamonkey' Carver managed the everyday ministry needs of GPI Concerts.  We had the help of many dedicated people, such as Rene Girade and Jan Fouts.  Many hours went into reaching the people that attended the concerts. After GPI Concerts was forced to close, many years passed until God spoke to Dave telling him the time had come for GPI to be birthed again.  Thru these years the faces have changed, buy not the passion. GPI Concerts reached 500 to 2000 people each week, but technology has changed and now we can reach thousands of people thru Internet Radio. Starting in 2014 we went through several changes in format until God landed us with the final format ( unless God changes it), GPI Radio plays all type of music with worship it's prime goal. God has made it clear we are to reach out to the world with his message of Love, and we do that 24 hours every day.

This is an exciting time, there are multiple opportunities for you to be involved in reaching the world with the Good News of God. You are invited to contacting us to find your place in Kingdom building.  


New bands we are adding


Millennial Reign

Within Silence

Dean Lindsay

Slaves Wage

Be a Guest

Traveling down God's road, together


Get Spotlighted GPI Radio will help!

Do you have a ministry, band, or are you an author? that you need a voice for? GPI Radio would like to help you get the word out. We can help you with a one hour show that highlights your ministry, it's focus to the world. You come to our studio or calli in by phone and for an hour we will do an interview themed talk show, we will play your music, and discuss your new book. This is very affordable and we will record it and give you a copy. And if you are in studio we can also stream it live.

Do you want to highlight your Ministry?

Find out the details of being highlighted on GPI RADIO


Give to support GPI Radio

Like all ministries GPI  Radio has many costs to fund your radio station and your help is greatly appreciated.

GPI Ministries

Your interaction with us is very important, so please feel free to contact GPI anytime. Contacts us with your needs and we will contact you by phone or E-Mail.


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