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Pastor Dave

Pastor Dave

GPI Ministries has come out of GPI CONCERTS in Arlington, TX.. As the ministry has evolved we have come to the most inescapable conclusion, man was created to love and worship our Lord. In Matthew 22 we are told the two great commandments; first to love God with all of our hearts, minds and souls, second we are to love others as ourselves. In short, all the scriptures are teaching us how to love. That love draws us close to the Lord, to have an intimate relationship with Him.

At GPI we make it our goal to lift up our living GOD, to minister to Him with all we are. This is why most of the music played is relationship music to help all that listen to keep their eyes focused directly towards God. And as we love, we find His Love, that we can readily give to those around us. We want to be in the Love cycle, Give to God receive from God and give what we receive from God to others; the more you go through the cycle the stronger you become. To become a warrior for Christ, you must become a lover of all those around you. So join us as we discover God's road and travel down it.

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Do you have a ministry, band, or are you an author? Do you need a voice for it? GPI Radio would like to help you get the word out. We can help you with a one hour show that highlights your ministry, it's focus to the world. You come to our studio and for an hour we will do an interview themed talk show, we will play your music, and discuss your new book. This is very rare opportunity, a one hour event, we will stream it and give you a copy of the stream. And if you want we can stream it live to YouTube or Facebook. Because God has given us the ability to pay for the hair time, your cost is what ever God puts on your heart. 

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